Integrity, Competence, Diligence

These are the traits that are most important in an attorney and constitute the theme by which we practice law.



We will immediately begin working on your case. We will thoroughly research all legal and factual issues and develop your legal plan. We will fully discuss with you all aspects of your case, good and bad, give you candid advice and counsel, and pursue your best interests and wishes.


practice areas

Our firm provides services involving a full range of litigation areas, including

Breach of contract

We will pursue organizations or individuals who have promised or agreed in writing or verbally to deliver goods, services, or funds but have failed to live up to the promise or agreement.

insurance denials & bad faith

If an insurance company has denied your claim for benefits (e.g., Life Insurance, Disability, Auto Collision, Home Damage), we will pursue your claim.

business disputes

Disputes between business partners, LLC Members, Shareholders and Officers, as well as disputes between companies for breached agreements or business interference.

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