practice areas

Our firm provides services involving a full range of litigation areas, including

practice areas

Our firm provides services involving a full range litigation areas including

breach of contract

We will pursue organizations or individuals who have promised or agreed in writing or verbally to deliver goods, services, or funds but have failed to live up to the promise or agreement.

personal injury

We represent people seriously injured from auto and trucking collisions, dangerous conditions around a premises or at work, and dangerous products.

employment law

We represent individuals who suffered workplace discrimination or harassment.

insurance denials & bad faith

If an insurance company has denied your claim for benefits (e.g., Life Insurance, Disability, Auto Collision, Home Damage), we will pursue your claim.

deceptive trade practices act

We represent consumers who have been deceived, cheated or misled in purchasing goods or services from a business or individual.

defamation (libel & slander)

If someone has hurt your reputation or caused you emotional distress through written or verbal lies, we can help.

business disputes

Disputes between business partners, LLC Members, Shareholders and Officers, as well as disputes between companies for breached agreements or business interference.

fraud & misrepresentation

We represent businesses and individuals who have been cheated or defrauded by other companies or individuals.

construction defect

Buying a home is one of the most important transactions of our lives. We represent people whose home was not built with good workmanship.

plus more...

This is not a complete list of practice areas. We believe good attorneys should be able to engage in a variety of legal work. We enjoy practicing law and the challenges associated with a well-rounded legal practice. We especially enjoy taking on matters offering a variety of challenging and complex issues. This is why we became lawyers. We are confident you will like our approach to the law.


We believe that a properly managed law firm can provide to its clients timely solutions and clear and responsive communications. Too often we get calls from people asking if we will represent them because his or her attorney will not call back or seems to have given up working on the case. While many cases do take long periods of time, there is no excuse for an attorney that will not return calls or keep clients informed. We strive to advance our cases quickly and to always respond as soon as possible to client questions and concerns. We are NOT suggesting that you fire your attorney. Instead, as we tell people who call, set up a meeting with your attorney and have a frank discussion regarding your concerns.

If we work on your case, we will do so with integrity, competence and diligence. This is what we would expect of an attorney, and what we demand of ourselves and our firm.

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